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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PlayStation Vita games wishlist

So you’ve bought the PlayStation Vita and completed Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Now you’re thinking of what to buy since Sony’s launch lineup for the Vita isn’t particularly strong besides Drake’s handheld adventure and a handful of other games. Keeping that in mind we’ve devised our very own wishlist of games/video game franchises we’d like to see on the Vita ASAP. 

God of War
Well it’s God of War so there’s reason number one. Also developer Ready at Dawn showed us you don’t really need powerful hardware to make a good God of War game on handheld consoles as both their God of War games were stunning on the PSP. However, with the power of the Vita at their fingertips, it would be interesting to see what kind of insane stuff they could come up with.

So far I’m not overly impressed with the racing games on the Vita. They’re nice sure, but none of them have particularly grabbed my attention. All that could change in a heartbeat if Criterion made a Burnout game for the Vita. Hell even if they don’t make a new one, I’ll be real happy with a Burnout Revenge or a Takedown port.

Def Jam
I might be in a minority here but to me, Def Jam Fight for New York was by far one of the most entertaining fighting games ever made. Now if EA can move pass the disaster that was Def Jam Icon, they could hopefully commission someone capable to work on a new Def Jam game for the Vita.

Grand Theft Auto

If we can have a full-fledged Grand Theft Auto game on smartphones (GTA III), I don’t see why we can’t get one for the Vita. In fact one of my biggest gripes with Grand Theft Auto III on the iPhone, the highly inconvenient control scheme, would be addressed with the move to Vita.

Trine and its sequel are highly accessible and enjoyable 2D action games that appeal to both the hardcore as well as the casual crowd. The game relies heavily on physics-based puzzles and platforming and in our opinion, both gameplay aspects would feel right at home on the Vita.